Friday, June 19, 2015

Liz Kendall: "Doggedly party-focused"

So far the Labour leadership contest has failed to excite the wider public. (How unlike...)

The greatest point of interest has been this - Liz Kendall's "the country comes first" reply to Andy Burnham.

But, writing in the Evening Standard, Andrew Neather remembers another side of her:
She’s always seemed doggedly party-focused to me, devoting years of her life to pursuing safe Labour seats before landing Leicester West. 
Before that, in 1996-97, I worked for Labour: just after I’d started at Millbank, I slagged Tony Blair off to Kendall, who lived near me. The 24-year-old loyalist promptly grassed me up to my new Policy Unit boss.

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Herbert Eppel said...

See also interesting Independent article "here". Quote: "Anything that reminds Labour about Mr Blair is bad news for Liz Kendall, who bravely carries the New Labour mantle."