Thursday, June 11, 2015

Six of the Best 517

"They are not campaigning against tuition fees – they are campaigning for the Labour Party." Jan Nedvidek criticises the National Union of Students' £40,000 campaign against the Liberal Democrats.

Harry Lambert meets the mighty John Curtice - the only man to forecast the general election result correctly.

Arthur C. Brooks anatomises political hating,

Natural capital is everything nature provides us for free. Dieter Helm explains its importance.

"So we labour, driven by the whip of necessity, an army of slaves. If we do not our work, the whip descends upon us; only the pain we feel in our stomach instead of on our back. And because of that, we call ourselves free men." The Idler reprints an 1899 essay by Jerome K. Jerome.

Back in 2002 the great tenor Ian Bostridge wrote in praise of Noel Coward.

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