Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Six of the Best 519

David Boyle lists his top 10 policy delusions that are shared by left and right. As so often, he is spot on.

"As Corbyn’s speech on Saturday ... confirmed, he is a perfect reflection of British socialism’s shift from a once-viable challenge to the structural failings of capitalism to a form of welfarist middle-class moralism." Tom Slater is not impressed by Jeremy Corbyn's candidacy for Labour leader reveals the hollow core of British politics.

The dark web as you know it is a myth, says Joseph Cox.

"The way characters discuss the ‘wild, cruel, medieval’ magic of the Raven King in the BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell series is starting to seem eerily familiar to me. The terms being used are remarkably similar to what writers in the century and a half after the Restoration say about Shakespeare’s poetry." Richard O'Brien casts unexpected light on a television hit.

Amy Lawrence remembers Italia 90.

"King Arthur Pendragon was spotted in the village. Several druids floated down the path that runs across the far side of the ground, one the harbinger of a wicket for our skipper, charging in up the hill as if pursued by King Sil himself." The Old Batsman enjoys cricket at Avebury on the summer solstice.

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