Wednesday, October 26, 2016

First Clun now Madeley? Wild boar in Shropshire

A wild boar yesterday. Photo by
Thimindu Goonatillake
Important news from the Shropshire Star. Someone believes his garden in Madeley is being dug up by wild boar:
Jan Mckelvey, conservation manager at Shropshire Wildlife Trust, said they have already had confirmed sightings of boar in the Clun Valley, with one recently caught on a camera trap. 
She said the Severn Valley woodland that surrounds Madeley would offer excellent habitat for the boar. 
But she said that the damage caused by boar can be confused with that of a very active badger. 
She has urged people who have actual sightings of wild boar to contact officials at the trust.
You often see very active badgers jogging in Shropshire parks, so she could well be right.

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Frank Little said...

But can they contract bovine TB?