Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nick Clegg: The comeback kid?

Serena Kutchinsky writes in the New Statesman:
After spending half a decade as a political pariah, Nick Clegg seems to be on his way to a comeback of sorts. The former Liberal Democrat leader has teamed up with his old political rival, Ed Miliband, and a small but significant group of Tory Remainers, to lead the call for there to be full parliamentary scrutiny of the government’s Brexit plan. 
Earlier this week, he found himself resoundingly cheered from the Labour benches as he demanded to know how the government could claim the right to know what Brexit means. 
During today’s parliamentary debate on Brexit he went further, effectively accusing the Prime Minister of hypocrisy over her reluctance to allow parliamentary scrutiny, in an impressive speech which won plaudits from the twitterati. 
As the former Deputy Prime Minister, Clegg understands the inner-workings of both the Tory party and Whitehall better than most politicians. He also has a firm grip on the intricacies of Brussels bureaucracy. Before becoming an MEP in 1999, he worked as European Commission trade negotiator.
Yes, the Brexit crisis could be the making of Nick.


Anonymous said...

This article claims that - “Nick Clegg knows Whitehall better than most politicians.” Really??? He has never seemed to understand The Liberal Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but NC (and the team of advisers he has assembled from the Great and the Good Carlton House types) have had a three months advantage over Starmer and yet the latter with his 170 Questions has in just a couple of days shown them how to campaign and land punches. #adifferentclass
Bill le Breton