Friday, October 28, 2016

Introducing Jonathan Nunn, the new Conservative leader of Northampton Borough Council

Cllr Mary Markham, the Tory leader of Northampton Borough Council, resigned on Monday in a row of the future of a pub - the Barn Owl in Rectory Farm, to be precise.

Her replacement, the only person to put his name forward for the vacancy, is Cllr Jonathan Nunn.

What do we know about him?

Well, there's this from the Northants Herald & Post:
The new leader of Northampton Borough Council who was convicted 12 years ago of assaulting his wife says he "expects no forgiveness' for 'the most stupid, wrong thing I've ever done in my life". ...
But he admits he does not go a day without thinking of the night he subjected his wife to a violent attack at their home in 2003, after she admitted she had been having an affair.
And there's this from BBC News:
A newly appointed council leader tasked with recovering a £10m loan saw his own company liquidated two years ago. 
Conservative Jonathan Nunn's firm Individual Team Performance Limited had owed the Inland Revenue more than £20,000 when it folded. 
One of Mr Nunn's first tasks as Northampton Borough Council leader will be to oversee attempts to recoup £10m loaned to Northampton Town. 
He said his business had failed due to the "change in the economy".
And there's more on this in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo:
In a report by the liquidator dated June 22, 2016, Councillor Nunn was criticised for "repeatedly failing to provide evidence of his financial worth" in order for the liquidator to establish whether it was worth pursuing him for funds withdrawn from the company when it was insolvent.
Surely the Conservative Party in Northampton can come up with a better leader than this?

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