Saturday, October 22, 2016

In search of the Newhaven Marine ghost train

Vicki Pipe attempts to track down the 'Parliamentary train' that runs once a day (weekdays only) at 8.15pm from Newhaven Marine to Lewes. Except that Newhaven Marine station is closed, so you can't get on it.

We had a line like that in the East Midlands. The branch from Derby to Sinfin Central reopened in 1976 but had its passengers trains removed in 1993. Latterly there had been just one early-morning working each day.

After that, if you presented yourself at Derby station at the right ime and demanded to be taken to Sinfin North or Sinfin Central, you would be sent in a taxi.

This arrangement persisted until 1998, when the line was again formally closed to passengers.

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crewegwyn said...

I was in the train planning office in the latter years of the Sinfin service. Each spring we arranged the rolling stock and traincrew ... and then "suspended" them! Weird.