Friday, October 07, 2016

Six of the Best 632

"We must accept that our recent failures to understand the tensions in society, and find answers, have partly led to our undoing." The Liberal Democrats need answers, not just anger, says David Hopps.

Don't nationalise Southern Rail: mutualise it. David Boyle is on the money as usual.

Liz Lightfoot shows there is hope for the future after all: "Children at this state junior school have lessons in using sharp knives, saws and even air rifles. They get to cook food and smelt metal over an open fire and to skin and bone rabbits."

Sightings of evil clowns have spread to Britain. Matthew Dessem analyses this perennial scare story in the United States.

What remains of Armenian culture in Turkey is in danger of disappearing entirely, reports Amos Chapple.

Rachel Chanter introduces us to The Book of Beasts - T.H. White’s translation of a 12th-century Latin bestiary.

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