Saturday, October 01, 2016

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

One blog was added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator in September. Thanks as ever to Ryan Cullen for sending me this information.

More Than Nothing is written by Dani Tougher. I am pleased to see that, in the spirit of independence that characterises the best blogs, it is as much concerned with the arts (particularly ballet) as politics.

A post written back in August combined these two enthusiasms:
If, as greater and wiser minds then mine have argued, the arts have this power, then surely this is a huge argument both for greater cultural investment? To invest more and more often. To support the arts and that culture that helps people, especially in the lower engaged areas, to see life from another point of view, a point of view that may seem alien or uninteresting at first but will help grow empathy and understanding instead of mistrust and suspicion. 
Culture is, in many places, seen as a 'dirty' word; as something synonymous with privilege and wealth. It is not seen as the singing group in the library, or the little festival in the local park, or watching a band play at a nearby nightclub. But culture includes these things along with the sterile art galleries and overpriced theatre tickets.
If you have a blog you would like to appear here next month please add it to LibDemBlogs. You can do so even if it has been running for years.

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