Monday, October 24, 2016

Julian Knight makes the case for staying in the European Union

I have been learning more about Julian Knight, the Tory MP who blocked me for retweeting him.

As that tweet showed, he is not one to go to for betting tips. If he tells you to back Rutland Lad in the 2.30, then pile in on its rival.

But he does speak sense on Europe.

Here he is writing for the Solihull Observer in February:
After my discussions with local employers, and having weighed the arguments carefully, I have decided to vote to Remain in the EU. 
The UK is doing very well: we’re creating a record number of jobs, and have one of the strongest economies in Europe. I have written often and proudly of our community’s exceptional employment record. 
But as the Chancellor has warned, the recovery remains fragile. The fall in the value of the pound after Boris Johnson called for Brexit highlights the disruption we risk if we leave the EU. I think that’s too high a price to pay. 
As our own Jaguar Land Rover warned: "The current uncertainty around EU membership leads to uncertainty for our customers, suppliers and may impact long-term investment plans." 
And Paul Kehoe, CEO Birmingham Airport, told me: "Birmingham Airport benefits from access to the European Market, and the air travel and cargo that this generates. The UK’s position within a reformed Europe is something I believe is of benefit to the Midland’s Engine and to the wider UK economy." 
I’m also conscious of Solihull’s character as an exporting town, with strong trade and business links all over the world but especially in the EU. I can't champion a course which might put local jobs at risk, or stymie the outside investment which could produce the jobs of tomorrow and start the next chapter of the Solihull success story.
I wonder if he will have the courage to refuse to champion that course now?

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Unknown said...

This to me just indicates that Heathrow Gatwick are a disaster London centric when we have a country that can benefit from other regions being developed