Monday, August 07, 2017

Liberal Democrats to demonstrate against Brexit at Tory conference

Richard Vaughan reports on iNews today:
The Liberal Democrats will abandon political party protocol by joining pro-EU campaigners to protest against Brexit outside this year’s Conservative Party Conference. 
Activists are planning to stage one of the biggest marches in opposition to Britain leaving the EU when the Tories stage their annual conference in Manchester in October.  
And they will be joined by the Lib Dems who will break the conventional truce that prevents parties from disrupting other political conferences. 
The party said it did not take the decision "lightly", but said such action was necessary to prevent the Government pressing on with a "harmful" Brexit.
He goes on to quote Tom Brake:
"Brexit is the battle of our lives and it is vital we make the Conservatives see the strength of feeling against their disastrous extreme Brexit, which threatens to crash the economy and damage the life chances of millions."
The question is whether Labour will mount a counter-demonstration in support of Conservative policy.

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Unknown said...

I think many of the young Labour members will be demonstrating against Brexit as individuals. Need not be made into a party matter. Individuals have a right to decide whether to demonstrate or not whatever party they support. Many Tory voters not too keen on Brexit too!