Friday, August 25, 2017

Trees and bees menace Market Harborough

From our man in a hard hat and veil...

It's been a difficult few days here in Market Harborough.

On Monday the Leicester Mercury reported:
People in a quaint river boat in rural Leicestershire had a lucky escape when a tree smashed onto their boat. 
The 80ft tall trunk fell onto a tow path and hit the vessel where it was moored near Union Wharf in Market Harborough.
The boat in question looks like a canal narrow boat to me, but the Mercury has some good photos of the incident so you can judge for yourself.

Then yesterday came this from BBC News:
A gigantic bee hive has been removed from a house after the owners noticed honey "oozing" through from their loft. 
Hundreds of bees were found at the grade II listed 18th Century house, in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, earlier in August. 
The homeowners, who did not want to be identified, found the "sticky substance" near a light fitting. 
Heritage insurers Ecclesiastical said its bee expert cut a hole in the ceiling and made the "surprising" find.
Really, one might as well be living in Melton Mowbray.

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