Sunday, August 06, 2017

Six of the Best 714

Peter Geoghegan offers an enlightening "semi-personal reflection" on the Irish border and Brexit.

"If a week is a long time in politics and there’s plenty of evidence for that at the moment, perhaps eight months will seem a veritable eternity." Even so, Stodge forecasts next May's London borough elections.

Christian Wolmar asks if there is any price the proponents of HS2 will regard as too steep for their cherished scheme.

"Education should be about kindling a thirst for knowledge – children discovering who they are, what brings them joy and what does not, how to work, how to learn and how to think." Music is an essential part of that discovery, says Philip Viveash.

Patrick Patterson, perhaps the most fearsome of Caribbean fast bowlers, disappeared into oblivion in the 1990s. Bharat Sundaresan seeks him out.

Retired Martin visits Frome.

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