Friday, August 18, 2017

The death of Market Harborough's Victorian goods shed

When it became clear that the Victorian goods shed at Market Harborough station did not figure in the plans to straighten the line and build a new car park, I went to photograph it. You can see it above.

The demolition men moved in on Wednesday and this was the scene when I arrived home from work in Leicester:

I usually work from home on Thursdays and was getting on happily when a possible crisis blew up and I had to go in to the office.

So I was able to take this picture mid morning:

And this one in the evening:

When I arrived back in Harborough tonight the death throes were over:

At least another favourite feature on that side of the line has survived so far.

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Unknown said...

Is this the sight with Lord Bonkers? He is humorous , he is needed!!!