Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why I never bought the Corbyn line on Traingate

Rather than oppose the Conservatives over substantial issues, the Corbynistas have decided to reopen Traingate.

You see, what matters to them above all is the moral purity of Jeremy Corbyn. Hearing that questioned is what hurts most.

Anyway, you can see the new video that is supposed to clear him above.

I always thought that Traingate was a botched media stunt, and nothing here changes my mind.

Like me, Jeremy Corbyn is a railway enthusiast. Like me, he is old enough to rather resent having to book a seat for your journey when you didn't have to under British Rail.

What I do when I get on the train and find lots of seats reserved is look at the details of the reservations. It is usually easy to find a seat where the person who booked it has not turned up or one that has not been reserved until later in the journey.

And I feel a little pleased with myself when I find somewhere I can sit down.

But Corbyn does none of that. He marches through the carriage as though he is on the way to a prearranged filming location elsewhere on the train.

Of course, there are plenty of trains that run "ram-packed" every day. If Corbyn's team was competent it would have chosen one of those to film on.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
But then if his team was competent it would have booked Corbyn and his companion seats in the first place.

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