Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Six of the Best 717

Jonathan Fryer calls for a patriotic front against Brexit.

"A heavily bureaucratic process known as a carnet was required. This meant the machines had to be shipped back to France every year (“for a holiday”, as my director put it) and updated models returned. We were unable to carry out work for our Bull customers while the lengthy process of satisfying customs regulations took place." Tim Holyoake remembers life before the European single market.

Steven McCaffery reviews two new books about the Troubles in Northern Ireland that should sound alarm bells about the future.

The benefits system should be a lifeline for care leavers, but too often it fails them. Sam Royston on a new Children's Society report.

"For a time in the late 1960s, the name of Hywel Bennett ranked alongside that of David Hemmings as the epitome of the ultra-fashionable leading man," says Andrew Roberts.

Danny Gibbs thinks England leg spin prospect Mason Crane has the potential to be special: "Crane bowls in a very natural, fluent motion, where the ball looks like it glides out of the hand, even though there are significant revolutions on the ball itself. Upon reaching its apex, the ball drops very sharply. Only natural wrist spinners can flight the ball like this."

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