Sunday, August 06, 2017

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Two new blogs appeared on the LibDemBlogs aggregator in July. Thanks as ever to Ryan Cullen for sending me the details.

Feminist Mama @ Ambitious Mamas is written by Jane Chelliah and has been running for five years.

Here she responds to Nick Timothy's claim that because of sexism Theresa May has not received enough credit for her policies:
It's a cynical and convenient use of a prejudice to spin a yarn to extricate his then boss, Theresa May, from the blame and shame that was heaped on her after the disastrous run at the general election by both the electorate and the Westminster bubble inhabitants. The electorate who voted for non-Tory parties at the general election very much blamed Theresa May for the policies. 
Radix is a group blog written by a team from a cross-party organisation that includes David Boyle. It has been running for three years.

Here is David writing on agricultural policy after farming:
The key question it seems to me that we should ask, in the emerging debate about trade deals and subsidies, is this: does it promote agricultural diversity? Does it support our emerging local food economies? Does it build the UK’s capacity to regenerate its agriculture?
If you have a new blog you would like to appear here next month, please add it to LibDemBlogs.

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