Sunday, January 21, 2018

Doop: Doop

Back in the 1990s there was an ITV rival to Top of the Pops in the shape of The Chart Show.

It was screened on Saturday mornings and - for better or worse - I associate it with this record, which reached number one in the UK in 1994..

Doop were a Dutch techno group and I remember an interview at the time where they said the record grew out of their noticing how close mellow house music was getting to 1920s dance music.


Roy said...

There’s a whole subgenre of this kind of music now, called dieselpunk.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks Roy.

David Bertram said...

Damn it I know you're in a bit of a spot
When you're used to the Merc and the Moet and the yacht
And it must be a blow to the ego, what!
But forget about this video rot
And write yourselves a hit or three
Like "I'm Not in Paris" or "The Dean and Me"
I mean really I don't like your stuff very much
It's too avante-garde and aggressive and butch
I prefer a gentle, melodic touch
But the kids today have got their ears in their crutch
And if it's not robots singing in Dutch
It's Adam and the Ants and Starsky and Hutch
By the way here's your present
-Thanks very much