Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Evening Standard says Lib Dems could gain Richmond and Kingston in May's London borough elections

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Joe Murphy, political editor of the Evening Standard, has written a story about 'Tory election expert' Lord Hayward's predictions for May's London borough elections.

Of most interest to Liberal Democrat readers will be these two sentences:
The Conservatives look certain to be beaten in Kingston by the Liberal Democrats, who have grown stronger in the area.
The Tories face a tough fight to hold off the Liberal Democrats in Richmond, where Zac Goldsmith won back his seat by 45 votes in the general election.
He later quotes Lord Hayward's own views:
The peer added that Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable would “need to do well” to beat the Tories in Richmond and predicted that the Lib Dems could lose seats in Sutton, the sole London borough under third-party control.
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceOf course, we also want to see the Lib Dems regaining a foothold on councils across London. At present our councillors are drawn almost entirely from affluent South-West London.

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