Monday, January 29, 2018

"I think we will stay": Vince Cable on Brexit

“It’s only a matter of time before we come back in Montgomeryshire. It was a Lib Dem stronghold – we will be back.”
That's what Vince Cable told a meeting at Welshpool Town Hall on Saturday.

The Shropshire Star has a video of him speaking at the event and quotes his views on Brexit:
“The split between leave and remain hasn’t changed very much. It’s moved a little bit towards people who think leaving is a bad idea, but it’s not shifted a great deal. 
"If they were to set for another vote, this time on the facts, it will be for about Christmas time. 
"I think once people are clearer about what Brexit means, a lot of the negatives that were not really brought out in the last campaign, I think we will stay."
I knew having a photo of Welshpool Town Hall would come in useful one day.


Keith Elliot said...

Any comments on the youth turnout study published yesterday? I remember you suggested in your blog, at the time of the last General Election, that anecdotally you perceived a significant increase in turnout amongst the under 25's. Thanks!

Jonathan Calder said...

I do not recognise those observations, Keith. Can you post the link?

Keith Elliot said...

Apologies, I am mistaken. Mike Smithson, rather than your good self. V sorry for wasting your time.