Friday, January 12, 2018

Six of the Best 759

Jeremy Corbyn has always been in favour of taking Britain out of the EEC and then the EU, says Mark Pack - and he gives numerous links to prove it.

Tony Wright shows that we are increasingly being governed by people with little experience of the world beyond politics: "As I heard someone express this recently: 'if they have never had to worry about paying the gas bill how can they represent people like me?' This can easily become the perception that it is only the game of politics itself that they are interested in, and the rewards that go with it, rather than any wider purpose."

Melvyn Bragg writes about his 40 years of making the arts available to all. I learnt a lot from his Read All About It when I was at school.

"A half-century has passed since the bewildered college graduate Benjamin Braddock, played with star-making originality by a then largely unknown Dustin Hoffman, floated, directionless, in his parents’ glassy Beverly Hills pool, and was told (by someone of his Parents’ Generation) that the future lay in 'plastics'." Lisa Schwarzbaum on how The Graduate became the touchstone of a generation.

Meanwhile back in Britain, eurobutnottrash reviews a biography of Larry Grayson.

The Old Batsman reviews this winter's Ashes series: "For England there is an alien hostility to cricket down under that is starting to feel insurmountable. Australia's unrepentant mercilessness in everything from conditions to the media should chill them most of all."

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