Monday, January 08, 2018

In which Liberal England is quoted (but not acknowledged) on the Today programme

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This morning's Today programme ended with an item looking forward to today's government reshuffle. (It starts at 1:23:44 on this recording if you are that interested.)

At one point, suggesting that the reshuffle would have little effect because most people know so little about politics, Tim Shipman from the Sunday Times says brightly:
"I was very struck the other day on an episode of Pointless..."
and then goes on to quote exactly the figures I blogged on Saturday.

Ideas can occur to people independently, as shown by the fact Alwyn Turner made the same point about Pointless more than four years before my first post on the subject.

So maybe Tim Shipman did come across a repeat of just that episode of Pointless on an obscure channel and carefully noted down the same figures.

But, Occam's razor and all that, I rather suspect he got them from this blog.

Thanks to the people on Twitter who alerted me to this.

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nigel hunter said...

lets face it. The Times is a Tory paper. They are not likely to mention that they learn from Lib Dem blogs