Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Six of the Best 764

"By definition, once we have no campaigning in a majority of seats our organisation atrophies and we lose the deliverers, canvassers and all the local workers in those seats. Then, at the following election, the number of workers available to go to target seats dwindles away and the strategy doesn’t even work for target seats." Michael Meadowcroft argues that targeting has mortally wounded the Liberal Democrats.

Frances Coppola explains how Carillion used a British government scheme to rip off its suppliers.

A lost opportunity? Rail Magazine on the closed March to Spalding line, which I travelled on as a student.

"The song has been endlessly analysed; it’s intentionally ambiguous and the meanings are still up for debate.  But let’s take a stab at it line by line." Yeoman Lowbrow has another look at Don McLean's American Pie.

James Dilley, an experimental archaeologist and specialist in European prehistory, has been to see Early Man - Aardman’s latest animated adventure

"Moondial taps into that area of the brain which operates purely on instinct and won't rest until every square inch of your body is covered in goosebumps." Curious British Telly celebrates the 1988 children's series.

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