Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New light on the suspension of two Lib Dem members of City of York Council's executive?

The City of York Council is run by a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition.

This week the leader of the council, David Carr, was ousted as leader of the Conservative Group.

He has been succeeded as group leader by Ian Gillies, though he is not yet the leader of the council as it is subject to a vote at full council.

York's daily paper The Press says Ian Gillies will:
review the case of two Lib Dem councillors who were suspended from City of York Council's executive by David Carr. 
Cllr Ian Gillies, the new Conservative leader who is set to become council leader next month, was responding to a question from The Press about the futures of Cllrs Keith Aspden and Nigel Ayre following the ousting of Cllr Carr as Tory leader.
This affair has always been a little mysterious, as the allegations against the two Lib Dem councillors have never been made public.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceThe Press does say North Yorkshire Police have announced they will not be investigating them.

Perhaps more light will now be shed on this murky affair?

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