Thursday, April 08, 2021

Clare Balding, Rick Minter and British big cats

Out recording her Ramblings radio programme near Ross-on-Wye one day, Clare Balding came across what she described as an "enormous black cat".

In the latest edition she talks to Rick Minter, who runs the Big Cat Conversations podcast. I have already praised it on this blog:

What emerges from all this is a picture of sober country people and professionals coming across big cats in the countryside but not making too much fuss about it. They don't want the press or trophy hunters descending on them and they don't want officialdom snooping around their farms.

As they walk through the Gloucestershire countryside, Minter sets out the case for believing that a breeding population of big cats exists in Britain.

The recording that Balding made after seeing her enormous black cat is impressive.

Ten years ago, another Ramblings saw Clare Balding walking in the Shropshire hills with members of the Malcolm Saville Society.

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