Monday, April 26, 2021

Walking the River Roding from Barking to Creekmouth

Another London walk in the company of John Rogers.

His blurb on YouTube describes the route:

A walk from Barking to Creekmouth along west bank of the River Roding.

Picking up the west side of the River Roding following my previous walk with Paul Powlesland of the River Roding Trust (and Friends of the River Roding). This river walk starts at Barking Town Centre and continues through Town Quay and Fresh Wharf to Hand Trough Creek. 
From here the route takes us through Wall End and beneath Alfred's Way on the A13 to the Creekmouth Nature Reserve and Jenkins Lane Sewage Treatment works - the end of the Northern Outfall Sewer. The walk ends next to the confluence of the River Roding and River Thames.

John has a Patreon account to support his videos and blogs at The Lost Byway.

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