Friday, April 23, 2021

Pay £96 to read my thoughts on Dickens and anti-Semitism

That's the hardback price. The paperback and Kindle editons are much cheaper.

I have written a chapter of Racism in Psychology: Challenging Theory, Practice and Institutions, which is edited by my old friend Craig Newnes and published by Routledge.

It will be published on 29 April, but some copies have already appeared on Amazon.

My chapter, which I will admit is a strange inclusion, looks at my own obsession with Oliver Twist and the way I have written about it in the part without touching on the novel's anti-Semitism.

I look at tellings of the story other than that by Dickens - notably David Lean's 1948 film and Will Eisner's graphic novel Fagin the Jew.

And I draw parallels between Oliver and local saints like Little St Hugh of Lincoln - Christian children supposedly murdered by Jews.

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Kiron Reid said...

Those in Universities can use their University library subscription to read it perhaps if they get electronic or even physical copies. Congratulations, Jonathan. Routledge are a good publishers of quality publications, nice that you have a chapter in one.
I see that Routledge however are no better at the marketing than they were. You log on to the web page and you can't see a list of the chapter authors, let alone their credentials. I'm astonished on the mailing lists I still get from the big prestigious academic publishers you usually can't see at a glance who the author of a book is or their affiliation or even what it is about without clicking on a link. A basic communication failure. But good you are there and your title should attract some interest. :-)