Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Six of the Best 1004

"Essentially ,,, Britain is being run by children in adult bodies for whom politics is little more than a fascinating game."  Jörg Schindler examines the baleful effect of Eton on our politics.

"Fundamental to holding onto hope of living in harmony with nature is modernising the UK’s Anglo-Norman land ethic. This cannot abide the idea that land is the core natural asset of the nation and of the planet. Instead, it gives primacy to any private benefit that may accrue to those who choose to exploit it." Laurence Rose says we shall have to be radical if we are going to save nature.

Daniel Button asks if the government will finally act on social care: "The problem with the Care Act ... was that the reality came nowhere near the aspiration. The wellbeing principle lacked teeth, was passed into law while councils were being cut to the bone and the social care system was simply not set up to deliver on these principles."

The Rest is History podcast weighs the importance of the year 1066 to British history.

Owen Hatherley interviews Jonathan Meades about his new book Pedro and Ricky Come Again,

"What a Crazy World is far from your average pop film. Its songs are a blend of music hall and rock'n'roll, and for all  the lightness of tone their subject matter is essentially gritty: unemployment, petty thieving, fighting, the generation gap." Pismotality celebrates this 1963 release.

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nigel hunter said...

Jorges article is fascinating to read and realise the country as is.This article should be more widely published. I would also say that the charitable position of these schools should be got rid of with the history of their start by be more publicised