Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Stanlow and Thornton: The least used station in Cheshire

Stanlow and Thornton was opened in 1940 to serve a plant producing aviation fuel for the RAF.

In those days there were extensive sidings here, but they vanished  as the plant turned into Britain's second largest oil refinery. It is still served by jetties on the Manchester Ship Canal though.

This week the Stanlow refinery has been in the news, as its owners Essar Oil UK have been hit by a "deepening financial and corporate governance crisis".

Anyway, enjoy the video. The general views in the YouTube comments is that the road to the refinery is open to pedestrians and bicycles, but not to cars. 

And, whatever the views of Stanlow's owners, it's hard to get new third-rail electrification approved anywhere these days.

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