Monday, November 26, 2007

Did Nick Clegg approve Nicholas Blincoe's attack on Chris Huhne?

There is a horrible article on Comment is Free today in which Nicholas Blincoe makes all sorts of accusations against Chris Huhne.

James Graham is suitably rude about it:
Speaking ... in the spirit of collegiality, could Team Clegg please lean on their “advisor” Nicolas Blincoe and get him to shut the fuck up?
The silliest point occurs where Blincoe accuses Huhne of being posh. This is a childish insult at the best of times, but in a contest where both candidates attended the same public school it is simply ludicrous.

The Guardian describes Blincoe as "a volunteer adviser to Nick Clegg’s leadership campaign".

Which naturally leads you to ask: Did Nick Clegg approve this article before it was submitted? After all, as Blincoe says:
Let's just remind ourselves that this is a Liberal Democrat election. The teams involved are so tiny that Huhne would have to know what his guys were doing. He would know what they ate for breakfast ... even what soap they used. If he didn't, what kind of leader would he be?
I look forward to hearing from the Clegg camp. In the mean time, I suggest they follow James Graham's advice on the way to deal with Blincoe.


Anonymous said...

I work for full-time for the Clegg campaign and until today I had never heard of Nicholas Blincoe. That should tell you everything you need to know. And if it doesn't, I refer you to the comment underneath the article where he makes clear that he is completely detached from the campaign. You would not see anything of this nature put out by the Clegg campaign. I can guarantee you that.

Jonathan Calder said...

This comment would have been more convincing if you had given your name.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, would the Clegg team consider asking Blincoe to remove the "volunteer to Nick's leadership campaign" description from his Comment is Free profile? It isn't good for either side or for the party that he is allowed to get away with such misrepresentation.

Anonymous said...

To be fair on Team Clegg, I got an email from Richard Allan clarifying Blincoe's role in the campaign at about 5.45pm today (see my blog - I'd have posted it earlier but I was at a seminar listening to Charles Leadbeater as all good Cleggheads must do, and didn't get home until midnight). They did move swiftly on this.

Jonathan Calder said...

But I have still heard nothing from Team Clegg - if you discount the anonymous comment above which could have come from anybody.