Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paul Danan in Preston

The BBC reports:
A former soap actor has been sacked from a pantomime after swearing at a 3,000-strong crowd at the switch-on of the Christmas lights.
But what did he say?

At times like this, you can rely on Holy Moly:
Ever wondered what happened to 'Celebrity Love Island' lady-botherer Paul Danan? Well, he's not been bothering the BAFTA judges too much, but has now signed up for the Pinter-esque heights of the Christmas Panto in Preston, the place with the famous sign 'You are now entering Preston, Britain's newest city. Sponsored by Spar.'

This means he was invited to help switch on the Christmas lights in the city, and appeared on the stage in front of hundreds of expectant children, sweating, gurning and appearing to be attempting to suck his own eyeballs out. And what better way to endear yourself to the young, impressionable crowd? Here's how, by shouting:

"Make some motherfucking noise, Preston!"

He won't be back next year. In fact he'd be lucky to be the arse end of a pantomime cow.

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