Monday, November 19, 2007

That Huhne dossier in full

Guido Fawkes helpfully links to an online copy of Chris Huhne's dossier on Nick Clegg's views.

Shorn of its calamitous headline, it is nothing more than a collection of press cuttings which suggest that Nick has indeed succeeded in giving different people different impressions of his views at various times.

Surely this is the normal cut and thrust of debate? What Nick is making an official complaint about I cannot imagine.

Convincing a wide range of people that you agree with them is one of the political arts. And Nick Clegg is certainly good at it.

The latest illustration of this is an article by John Pugh MP on Lib Dem Voice. Pugh appears to have decided to vote for Nick because he believes he is opposed to increasing consumer choice in the public sector.

For my own part, I would like to be a little clearer about what Nick is inviting me to sign up to before I decide which way to cast my vote.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely. And I'd go further - let's not dignify it with the name of "dossier"!

HE Elsom said...

Is dossier a dignified name? It's usually preceded by "dodgy" these days.