Saturday, November 10, 2007

Valerie Singleton to spill the beans

More Blue Peter Babylon. The Daily Telegraph reports:

Blue Peter is at the centre of another fakery row after it admitted that two competition winners who appeared on the show were in fact child actors.

The BBC’s long-running children’s programme used the actors from a local drama group in an effort to make the show more lively and entertaining.

Things could get even more interesting. As Metro says:

Legendary Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton is apparently set to spill the beans in a long-awaited autobiography.

The 70-year-old former presenter - whose book will mark the 50th anniversary of the children's TV show - has hinted to the Daily Express that she will reveal "a few things that might shock."

Here is a glimpse of Valerie in the 1960s from The Times:
It was the autumn of 1962 when I moved in, and I had just started presenting Blue Peter. A few months later, one of the coldest winters on record hit the country. I had no curtains or carpets — just one three-bar electric fire in my sitting room, a white leather pouf and a gramophone player — but I had some of the best parties I ever had, and somehow the cold didn’t seem to matter. An actress I’d just met working on a film in Greece for the Ford Classic car brought David Hemmings and Simon Ward along to a couple of my gatherings.

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