Friday, November 30, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Meadowcroft joins the Liberal Democrats

I am surprised this evening to find Meadowcroft at our weekly meeting of the Bonkers Hall Ward Branch of the Liberal Democrats. Ever since the Liberal Party merged with the "SDP Party" he has spent Friday evenings in his potting shed with the Quivering Brethren, amongst whom he is a leading light There his fellow members read from the works of L.T. Hobhouse, sing "The Land" and scourge themselves, before he entertains them with his clarinet.

"I be ajoining the Liberal Democrats," Meadowcroft beams this evening, "and - look! - I’ve brought my sackbut." I give what I believe is known as a wry smile - I may even have attempted a hollow laugh - and turn my ear trumpet down a couple of notches.

You may also enjoy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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