Saturday, November 17, 2007

Taking Liberties DVD quiz: Answers and winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my Taking Liberties DVD quiz.

The draw took place at Bonkers Hall this afternoon. Lord B drew the winners from his second-best top hat, superintended by Meadowcroft and the Revd Hughes.

The lucky winners were:
  • H. E. Elsom
  • Paul Evans
  • Will Howells
  • Bill Miller
  • Bernard Salmon
Congratulations to all five. And thanks to Revolver Entertainment for donating the prizes.

And the answers?

  1. Chris Atkins
  2. Henry Porter
  3. Clarence Henry Willcock
  4. Lord Chief Justice Goddard
  5. Brian Haw
  6. Maya Anne Evans
  7. John Reid
  8. "We Don't Need Another Hero" by Tina Turner
  9. Lord Avebury
  10. Keith Chegwin
If there had been a bonus prize it would have gone to Helen Elsom for pointing out that Clement Freud also appeared in Polanski's Macbeth.

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