Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Should local education authorities be free to select?

In his press release about the Conservatives' new education plans, David Laws says:
"David Cameron is effectively giving the green light to more grammar schools in areas such as Buckinghamshire."
But if a local education authority want to operate a selective system, shouldn't it be free to do so? That was certainly the Liberal position back in the 1970s when the selective vs comprehensive debate was at its height,

And, as a matter of interest, how strongly do modern Liberal Democrats campaign against selection in the areas where it still operates?

Editor's note: David Laws attended the private St George's College in Weybridge.

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Iain Sharpe said...

The last line is unworthy of you, Jonathan.

Everyone is to some extent influenced in their opinions by their own life experiences.

Presumably, Laws, like most children, has his schooling decided by parents or guardian and can hardly be held responsible for it.

Perhaps his experience of exclusive, privileged education convinced him that private schools and academic selection are bad ideas.

I have some sympathy with your substantive point, although of course if David Laws took the line you advocate, he would be savaged by your liberator colleagues.