Friday, November 30, 2007

Lawrence Bailey and his computer

Laurence Bailey, former Labour Lord Mayor of Swansea, has been banned for two and a half years by something called the Adjudication Panel for Wales. It seems thousands of pornographic pictures were found on the hard drive of his council-issued laptop.

Why don't we make councillors buy their own computers like everyone else does? Then they could look at as much pornography as they wanted.

More seriously, the BBC reports that the police:
also found it contained 253 documents, mostly letters to the Swansea Evening Post.

"Although the police examination showed Mr Bailey as being the author, the documents purported to have originated from various residents of Swansea," stated the report.

"In some cases the addresses did not exist or the postcodes did not match them, or the true residents had no knowledge of the letters."

In his own submission to the panel, Mr Bailey claimed that writing letters to the press under pseudonyms "was widespread practice in political life in Wales".
As Peter Black asks:
Really? I wonder how the South Wales Evening Post will feel about being taken for a ride in this way.

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