Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Culling badgers: Have the Lib Dems fallen in with a bad sett?

I was sorry to hear about the Coalition's plans to allow farmers to shoot badgers on their land.

Another concession to the Tories?

Maybe not, because a couple of years ago I wrote about an interview Nick Clegg gave to the rural affairs editor of the Shropshire Star. The paper quoted Nick as saying:
“We are completely open to these trials. You are right - Britain’s fascination with animals is curious to say the least. But this issue needs to go forward, even though plenty of people in the Liberal Democrats do not like this position.”
I am afraid that Liberals have never needed encouragement from anyone to court the farming vote.

There are plenty of arguments against a cull of badgers to be found on the Badger Trust site. Or click on the badger's nose (this is not a euphemism).


Anonymous said...

No, I'm sorry but I have never seen just what is so grate about badgers and rather suspect it is a simple case of survival of the cutest.

There is no reason, as far as I can see, to treat badgers differently from foxes, If anything they are more destructive and dangerous. Their great advantage is that they have black and white fur and have got a better deal out of the children's book market.

Anonymous said...

'The badger is one of Britain's best loved and iconic animals and as such is part of our National Heritage. They are a poignant symbol of the British countryside and a protected species.' (from the badger trust web site)

I feel this rather proves my point. That a species is 'loved', 'iconic' or 'poignant' are poor reasons for giving it special treatment. Especially not when you are facing the collapse of valuable ecosystems elsewhere that simply lack the good fortune to have any pretty ambassadors.