Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mamarazzi: Grapefruit Juicy

A week ago in a sunny Lincoln Plaza I promised the panda-loving saxophone player from Mamarazzi (who turns out to be Tacuma Bradley) that I would put the band on my blog.

So here they are as this week's Sunday music video, posted in a chilly Market Harborough.


dreamingspire said...

That was quick: 24 hours keyboard to keyboard. Of course you missed the Lib Dem bunfight by going to that bigger one in NY.
(The verification string is versends, which by a twist of the mind reminds me that a friend was repeating forkandles last night: versends, true ending?)

Sian To said...

If I close my eyes I can feel the warmth of lincoln Plaza on my skin...
I should say that I had a very random experience on my way back to hotel... Which I will share with you now.
My buddie and I were tired. We'd been walking all day. So mission at Lincoln Plaza achieved we decided to get a cab back to our hotel.
Picture it....
A row of cabs..
I walk casually up to the first one and ask him to take us to Broadway and 5th.
"I'm a stunt cab" was his response.
"What do you mean you are a stunt cab?" I replied and then all around me people screamed CAMERA - ACTION.
I was caught right bang in the middle of a Hollywood movie.
I should have been impressed but I wasn't. This was New York in the middle of a UN Summit. Each and every cab driver wanted to interview you about your intentions before unlocking the door. Only I would attempt to enter a fake cab.
So my question to you Lord Bonkers is ..... did you run into any 'fake cabs' whilst in NYC - or was that just me?

Jonathan Calder said...

Sort of. A couple of evenings later I was in Times Square and there was a camera crew filming a yellow taxi in a mocked up accident.

Sian To said...

But did you try to get in to be told to eff off?

It made my NYC experience!