Monday, September 27, 2010

Six of the Best 94

Solution Focused Politics argues that the Big Society is a Liberal idea that the Lib Dems should capitalise on.

Ed Miliband "may be a Neil Kinnock, but the danger is that he will also be a Jo Grimond" warns The Real Blog.

Liberal Sciences is enthusiastic about a speech given at Liverpool by Chris White which pointed out that Liberal Democrat policies are a mixture of localism and centralism.

When I took it into my head to do a single honours degree in Philosophy, no one at home or at school asked whether I thought I could afford it. That would not be the case today, reports the Observer: "Fears are growing of a "gentrification" of arts and humanities degrees as new figures reveal that the courses have become the preserve of wealthy students."

Those of us who suspect that something dark lurks behind the apparently perfect social democracy of Scandinavia will have our prejudices confirmed by this report from The Swedish Wire. "Many mentally handicapped Danes, including children, were lobotomised between 1947 and 1983, and many died from the operation."

Random Blowe has visited from Hythe and Dungeness - and provided the photograph above.

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Charlieman said...

I read the Observer piece for a second time and don't have too many firm thoughts. Using your example, Jonathan, I suspect that applicants today may be attracted to Psychology or Media Studies courses rather than stuffier sounding Philosophy, History or English Lit.

There are even scarier things. It should be very worrying that the study of modern languages does not appeal to young people; the number of courses/seats in HE has fallen. Perhaps that suffices in a world where every educated person can read/write broken American English.

Courses for vets are only available to applicants whose parents are vets. The closed shop is not just a trade union phenomenon.