Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six of the Best 91

Nick Thornsby's Blog reports exciting news: Oldham Council has given him media access to the special election court that is sitting in the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency this week. Nick writes: "This is the first time for nearly 100 years that a case of this sort has been brought about with relation to a Parliamentary election. It is set to be fantastically interesting, and the outcome will almost certainly have consequences for the conduct of future general elections. My reporting will obviously be subject to the usual restrictions and rules placed on any reporting of court cases, but I hope to blog as much as I can, particularly with the details that might not make it into the reports of the mainstream media."

Fancy being the next President of the Liberal Democrats? Liberal Bureauracy has a job description.

Toque records that Greg Mulholland, Lib Dem MP for Leeds North West, has raised the English Question in the House of Commons.

This morning's Mail on Sunday alleged that Derek Slade, the former headmaster gaoled last week for beating and sexually abusing boys, was helped to finance his schools by a former Labour leader of Islington Borough Council. Derek Sawyer, the man in question, denies any wrongdoing.

Like me, My Life on the Cut went to the Arts Fresco event in Market Harborough today. That is my photograph above.

BLDGBLOG brings news that more than 100 miles of tunnels have been bored beneath Chicago.

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