Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Six of the Best 92

The World Forgetting, By the World Forgot uses the announcement of the nominations for this year's Blog of the Year Awards as the occasion for a meditation on the state of the Liberal Democrat blogosphere. "Ultimately," he writes, "we will not see new Lib Dem blogs grow to the same stature as the big beasts unless we give them a level playing field. It is my concern that Lib Dems online should be actively using their own methods to highlight the (very good) stuff just below the radar." I agree with him and that is one of the reasons that I started running this Six of the Best feature. If you come across any Lib Dem blog posts that deserve a wider readership, please feel free to suggest them to me.

"It was a real pleasure to be on the front bench today for the Report Stage and 3rd Reading of the Identity Documents Bill. Good riddance!" Lynne Featherstone celebrates the death of Labour's plans for ID cards.

In a guest piece for Liberal Democrat Voice, Claire Sambrook urges the Lib Dems to ensure that the Coalition sticks to its commitment to end the detention of children involved in immigration procedures.

Neue Politik justly complains: "Not only do we have to fund the State visit of Pope Benedict XVI, but now his Cardinals get to fling insults at our country whilst our Government must maintain a welcoming diplomatic front so as not to upset the Pope!!"

Were the editors of Beano and Dandy on a Nazi death list? asks Jeremy Briggs on Bear Alley. Almost certainly not is his conclusion but, as he says, it makes a good story.

Kathz's Blog travels to Paris to visit Samuel Beckett's grave and encounters an old man tending it: "I'm not sure what he meant to say. Was he just naming Beckett's most famous work? Was he telling me that in death too Beckett was 'waiting for Godot'. Or was he himself Godot, arrived too late and tenderly clearing the playwright's tomb?"

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dreamingspire said...

Lynne Feather has enormous courage in keeping comments on her blog unmoderated.
As for her articles, she is is showing how very good she is on equality and liberty (I heard her speak on the iniquity of our ID card 'we are watching you' project some while ago, and she was right on the ball). On other political topics she is less mature, and the blog commentators have contributed serious critical material which she has then asked them to submit through the proper channels.
As it happens, I was going through family papers this week and found my ID card, my brother's and Mum's - Dad was working away when they were issued in the 1940s and always kept his with him.