Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Laws "may stand down at the next election"

David Laws's return to the cabinet sooner rather than later has been expected by most commentators. And widely hoped for among his fellow Liberal Democrats.

But a report on the Pink News site suggests that this may not happen.

It suggests that Laws is unwilling to return to government and quotes "a source" as telling The Sun:
"Everybody is saying when will David be allowed to come back, but the truth is he doesn't want to be a minister again. He's lost the hunger."
It goes on to say that Laws has told friends that he may stand down as MP for Yeovil at the next election, depending on the findings of a parliamentary investigation into his expense claims.

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Mark said...

'A source' in The Sun? Oh, well it must be true then...

Anonymous said...

This latest speculation is on the basis of a highly speculative piece in the Daily Mail copied verbatim by the Pink Paper. Why the Pink Paper are now using the Daily Mail as an authoritative source for their own reporting is of course a matter for them! Anyone who cares about David should sit tight, discourage speculation based on limited evidence, and wait for the commissioner to complete his report.