Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Michael Crick suggests Liam Fox is poised to resign from the Cabinet

I have just been watching Newsnight and, discussing tomorrow's newspaper front pages, Michael Crick suggested that this Daily Telegraph story, inspired by a leaked letter, means that Liam Fox is on his way out of the Cabinet:

In a private letter to David Cameron seen by The Daily Telegraph, the Defence Secretary refuses to back any substantial reduction in the Armed Forces.

He says it risks seriously damaging troops’ morale.

The letter was written the night before a National Security Council (NSC) meeting on the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). In it, Dr Fox says the Tories risk “destroying much of the reputation and capital” they have built up on defence.

The review is becoming indefensible, he suggests, warning of the “brutal reaction” from the party, press and military if “we do not recognise the dangers and continue to push for such draconian cuts at a time when we are at war".


Anonymous said...

oh noes! Don't forget to close the door on your way out Liam, you neo-con wanker!

Frank Little said...

It wouldn't be surprising. He has clearly been uncomfortable from the start and has also been giving rather different messages on Afghanistan from the rest of the coalition cabinet.

If he does go, it will bear out what I have consistently been telling my Labour friends: that splits in the coalition will come from the Conservative side, not ours.

Manfarang said...

No cuts while we are at war.
When were we at peace?

WV nucler