Friday, December 17, 2010

Liberal Democrat MPs are revolting

A striking observation from
there now remain very few Lib Dem backbenchers who have remained loyal to the Coalition. Just nine backbench Lib Dems have not voted against the whips in this Parliament. Of these, four – Lorely Burt, Simon Hughes, Tessa Munt and Stephen Williams – abstained on tuition fees.
That leaves five Lib Dem MPs on the backbenches who have remained wholly loyal to the Coalition thus far. In addition to David Laws, they are Tom Brake, Malcolm Bruce, and Don Foster (all of whom voted in favour of raising the cap on tuition fees on Thursday) along with Sir Robert Smith (abroad on business at the time of the tuition fees vote).
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Unknown said...

And apart from the Treaty of Lisbon vote, our lot stayed remarkably loyal before.

The tuition fees vote was a one off. I'd like to see the figures with that excluded.

Niles said...

It is a pain that revolts don't do permalinks.

Lavengro said...

In Cambridge in the early 1970s Varsity (student newspaper) knew about the University Liberal Club*. They had a headline 'Liberals split again' that they seemed to keep set in type. It probably wasn't worth their while to break it up!

*Of which I was Chairman in the Michaelmas term 1971.