Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Yes! to Fairer Votes opens 14 regional phonebanks

From the Yes! to Fairer Votes website:
We are launching phonebanks in every part of the UK. Below are the first of those locations.

This is the people’s campaign, and our greatest asset is you. Your passion to make our politics better, your story, your voice on the phone.

You don’t need any experience to make calls, and we’ll give you pointers on what to say. But really it’s all about telling the person on the other end of the line why you’re campaigning for Yes, and why they should too.

Each phonebank will be open 11am - 9pm, Saturday until Thursday.

The phonebanks throw their doors open on Saturday, 4 December - apart from the Scottish, South East and South Central who open on Thursday, 9 December.

Sign up to attend a sessions near you.
I am afraid we need a (sic) in that last line, but you get the point.

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