Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Six of the Best 115

The first Coalition Home Office bill to receive Royal Assent sees the cancellation of Labour's national identity card scheme. Lynne Featherstone rejoices.

Blunt & Disorderly has advice for all three parties: "The Tories need to see that some of their policies are half-baked ideas (they don’t seem to have thought much about the Big Society, for example); Labour need to be constructive, not petty; and the Lib Dems need to stop being a punch bag and develop a vision of their role in government."

"A high self-regard, lack of even a short historical perspective, and fetishisation of their consumer electronics has given these protesters an obnoxious idea of their own novelty. Their yearning for the easy economy of the status quo ante makes them not a radical new force in British politics, but a conservative backlash against new uncertainties. They are far less interesting than they consider themselves to be." Stratagem XXXVIII has little time for the student protestors.

Missive from Doktorb considers what the new constituency boundaries may look like in Greater Manchester if the number of MPs is reduced. Pleasingly, Littleborough & Saddleworth is reborn.

I was of a child of the sixties, when road safety involved the rather stern Kerb Drill ("At the kerb, halt.") Come the 1970s and kids learnt the more touchy feely Green Cross Code. Found Objects has a video from 1976 in which Jon Pertwee can be seen teaching it. I am not sure "Splink!" ever caught on though.

Blood & Treasure celebrates "the only authentic Christmas record ever to hit the charts".

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