Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Six of the Best 113

On The Real Blog, David Boyle skewers the snobbery and instinctive support for centralisation of the BBC: "So stuff the BBC, I say – and the idea that decisions can only taken, under close guidance, by Oxbridge types with Masters in Public Administration. And only then, very occasionally. What the Localism Bill sets out is a means by which neighbourhoods can begin to take charge of their own destiny."

While Andy Mayer, writing on Liberal Vision, is not impressed by Richard Grayson's decision to work with Ed Miliband.

The big news in the blogosphere today is the decision by Iain Dale to hang up his mouse. Along with Tim Worstall, Iain's was one of the sites that got me into blogging and showed me how to do it. Thank you, Iain.

Jacob Heilbrunn, writing on The Huffington Post, pays tribute to the greatness of Richard Holbrooke.

Down at Third Man asks where all the young Australian cricketers have gone.

And in comedy, chicolita gives Frankie Boyle both barrels: "So please, don’t even try to tell me Boyle speaks truth to power, or says the unsayable. He won’t go near half the subjects Sadowitz covered 20 years ago and still does with astounding relish today. He mocks the weak and that includes those gullible enough to pay for the same dull crap in different packaging. It’s not offensive, just the comedy of complacency."

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