Monday, December 27, 2010

Six of the Best 116

Helen Duffet on Liberal Democrat Voice has the video of Vince Cable's appearance on the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special. "You had total control and leadership. I thought it was really, really good. However, you have a tendency to lean slightly to the right," said that cheeky monkey Craig Revel-Horwood.

The Browser interviews the Lib Dem peer Alex Carlile about ethics in public life.

Conservative councillor Chris Whiteside praises Chris Mullin's second volume of diaries Decline and Fall.

It is now mathematically impossible to pay off the US national debt, argues The Economic Collapse.

Ianvisits spent Christmas Day at a special opening of the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury. And he was not the only one: "I was in for maybe an hour, but could probably do 2 hours to look at everything properly. You just couldn’t get to see everything due to the crowds, unless you wanted to spend hours in the place waiting for gaps to appear at the displays."

The latest Britblog Roundup is with my favourite host, Redemption Blues.

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