Friday, December 10, 2010

This is York, 1953

A 20-minute film showing a day in the life of York's station master. It's deeply nostalgic for me: the city did not change so very much between 1953 and 1978, when I went there as a student. It has certainly changed a great deal since I left in 1981.

Note the lyrical treatment of the lifting of rural branch lines. I don't suppose that parcel van lasted very long, but at least it is a reminder that closures began long before Lord Beeching.

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dreamingspire said...

Memories - hope I get this right. A line ran north from York to Helmsley - about 20 miles. Another line ran west to east through Helmsley: Thirsk to Scarborough if I remember correctly. Certainly by 1952 the section westwards from Pickering to Kirkbymoorside was closed, but the section from Helmsley eastwards was open at least as far as Nawton where there was a strategic food warehouse, with a regular pick up goods serving it (weekly, twice weekly maybe, not certain of the frequency) - and twice a year a shopping excursion to York and back.